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In February 2015, a discussion held in Eupen and organized by officials from various governments in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion led to the initiative and the set-up of a working group for creatives in the Euregio (Meuse-Rhine Euregion). The approach was bottom-up and focussed on discovering and serving the real needs for creative entrepreneurs in the EMR.

From February till May 2015, the initiators have held about 50 in-depth interviews to gain insight in the actors and local circumstances in the major cities of the EMR. These interviews as well as the work experience of the initiators provided a clear picture of the needs of creatives in the EMR. Every EMR city has different needs/problems/solutions. We noticed that solutions can be found when local connectors and connectors from other EMR cities support each other.

— Develop professional connections within the Euregion among creative entrepreneurs
(peer to peer, same mind-set) and between entrepreneurs and larger companies and institutions.
— Fulfil the need for information about working opportunities, pitches, tenders and possible cooperation.
— Enhance awareness about the opportunities for existing businesses and development in the Euregion.
— Be knowledgeable about good partners across the border for co-creation within projects.
— Professionalize advice and support for grant application, especially for EU funding.
— Find accessible workspace.

Starting in September 2015 we have been conducting monthly CHE agent meetings in the various cities of the EMR. Designmetropole Aachen is represented by two CHE agents.

Patricia Yasmine Graf +49-178-85 47 108
Fabian Seibert +49-177-74 75 186

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