HELLO DESIGNER TOUR is taking off!


a de-central design festival.
in our euregio.
made by all of us.
by accessories-, communications-, face-redesigners, fashion-, food-, graphic-, product-, jewelry-, furniture-, lighting-, interieur-, print-, shoe-, social-, web-, tattoo-, streetart-, web-, …. -designers…
for colleagues and normal people.

to show the design that happens every day.
where we all work and design every day.
to form our regional identity.
to meet and make new friends in aachen, liège, maastricht, heerlen, eupen, hasselt, genk, sittard, herzogenrath, mönchengladbach, stolberg,… .

one month?
yes, from 1 to 31 october.
this way we all can plan and explore more freely.
for example: if i open my studio to the public for a design workshop on 12 & 13 october, i still have 29 days left to go to maastricht, liège, eupen, heerlen, genk … and check out all of those things that you guys are planning for october.

how does it work?
1 ///
plan an event. or two. or three. or a week. in october. alone or with a friend. or two. or three.
2 ///
go to facebook
enter your event(s) with date & address, in english (at least try it :-), add a nice headline teaser, and a short summary in english. also write about a few details: if you ask people to sign up for your event or want them to pay for material costs etc.
we will prepare photoshop-files and jpgs and all, so we can all easily integrate the sponsor logos and hello designer tour logo into our social media campaigns, facebook-events etc.
connect with www.facebook.com/HelloDesignerTour
3 ///
p ut it on our hellodesignertour.eu platform with calender & map
there will be an import-event-from-facebook-button inside your login-area soon. so it’s a good idea to create the fb-event first, and then import it into the hello designer tour platform.
we do the press work .
4 ///
spread your event(s) via your social media networks
all our networks combined will be an avalanche ❤

a few event examples:
/// open your tattoo workshop for two hours. so people can come and watch your favorite tattoo model getting inked.
/// a glass of champagne & fashion on real models in your fashion design workplace.
/// social design: invite people to come with you and save food that supermarkets throw into the garbage, let people hop into your car with you for this unusual experience.
/// a designed dinner, where you do food design from saved food.
/// a designer networking dinner, where you cook together with your guests and colleagues.
/// throw a party in your workplace with a DJ-friend.
/// invite interior design students to your bathroom design store and have a round table discussion with them on how bathroom design and and working with real customers really works. let them prepare a few questions beforehand to get the discussion started, and then tell them stories from real life. the stuff that professors don’t teach them at university. they will be excited.
/// give a guided tour to your best graffitis.
/// transform your sweatshop into a weekend design camp. invite people to bring sleeping bags and develop a thingy to soothe dementia patients.
the hello designer tour team.
we’re a small gang of self-employed creatives: chantal (communications designer)
chantal.rexhausen@hellodesignertour.eu, fabian (product / social designer)
fabian.seibert@hellodesignertour.eu and jan (programmer) nerd@hellodesignertour.eu.
we’re all from the designmetropole aachen network.
so this thing is totally bottom-up ↥. with support from the province of north-rhine-westfalia ↧.
and with great support from the CHE embassies and CHE creative hub euregio, KAM3
agency, reciprocities design biennal liège, smart.be, walloniedesign, comptoir des
ressources creatives liège, fashionclash maastricht, the artist and the others & common
knowledge maastricht, designmetropole aachen, betawerk heerlen, continium & design cube
kerkrade, DG eupen, mode museum hasselt, WFMG mönchengladbach, etc.

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