Our 1st press conference

Vojislav Miljanovic put in some of his PR strength, Patricia and Fabian played press officers, we all put up a great expo, Irit Tirtey had provided us with the Kurhaus‘ awesome Ballsaal, Sascha and Andrea and Jürgen served great little canapés and drinks, lots of newspaper and TV interviews. YEAH. More to come….

First press clippings, audios and videos are coming in:

the city of Aachen aachen-emotion.com:

Stadtzeitung Übach-Palenberg Mai 2010:

Aachener Zeitung / Aachener Nachrichten 9 april 2010:

Belgischer Rundfunk 9 april 2010:

BaBÄM! Fashion, Design & Fotografie 10 april 2010:
although we must add that we still have no idea who dunnit (the city limit sign thing).

107,8 Antenne AC  10 april 2010:

press review of Fraunhofer IIS (the inventors of the mp3 format) 9 april 2010:

100,5 DAS HITRADIO 8 april 2010:

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PRESS • 9 Apr 2010

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