We’re in TimeOut Moscow

DESIGN ACT MOSCOW 2009 was a success.

What we didn’t know: PYG and SÜLZKOTLETT were the first german designers ever to participate !

TimeOut Moscow announced our workshop „What to consider in my license agreement“ (see 4th pic). It seems it was a great success. One comment: „These were the most useful 2 hours in the last 6 years including my studies at the design academy Moscow.“

SÜLZKOTLETT is now working with LimitedUnlimited to market Fabian’s stuff in Russia. LimitedUnlimited’s Ksenia and Masha also did a great job as curators of DESIGN ACT (see Ksenia in 2nd pic).

Moscow is really fascinating. At night we were almost alone in the underground cathedrals of the Moscow Metro:

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